My name is Kasceim Graham. I grew up in Brooklyn, NY and now I reside in Washington, DC with my brother. I always had a passion for writing because I used it as a outlet to express myself. It is something  that changes me into a new person and allows me to be carefree and just release all my emotions. A lot of my post are about personal experiences in my own life. I believe “Vulnerability creates likability”. The best part about poetry and stories are the imagery that we get from their words and create our own individual picture. That is something I work on in all my poetry. When the reader reads my poetry I want them to get a sense of realism and very vivid pictures from my words. I wanted to do this blog for a very long time. My dream is to run a platform similar to Russell Simmons Def Poetry Jam. Any writer or artist interested in joining me are welcomed. I want to express myself to a a different audience and continue to learn from other’s work and inspire others.

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See the world the world through my eyes. Words is one of the greatest form of expression. Let the words of me and my friends move you..